27 Homemade Baby Food Recipes Simple and Practical

Homemade baby food recipes are really needed by mothers who have passed the breastfeeding period or when the baby has entered the age of 6 months. At this stage, it is usually very difficult for you to give breastfeeding consistently. But don't worry if your baby doesn't get enough nutrition. Try to start providing foods with a soft texture for your baby.

Homemade Baby Food Recipes
27 Homemade Baby Food Recipes Simple and Practical

With the baby food recipes that we present to you, it makes it easier for mothers to make baby food that can be made at home. Start by making baby food from vegetables and fruits, it can be from bananas, vegetables, potatoes, avocados, carrots, and so on. Choose foods that have a variety of fiber and vitamins. Your baby needs adequate nutritional intake to help the growth and digestion of your baby.

What is the best homemade baby food?

Here we present a list of 27 very simple and practical baby food recipes only for beloved mothers.

27 Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Sweet Potato Baby Food Recipes

Baby food Recipes
sweet potato baby food recipe

Potatoes are a baby food that can be served for babies aged 6 months and over. Potatoes are a fruit that has good nutrition for the development of your baby. This fruit is high in vitamins and minerals and is also very diverse. 

Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, niacin, and folate. The nutrients contained in potatoes act as anti-free radicals, improve digestion, and reduce blood sugar levels.

The method of processing can be boiled or steamed first so that it makes a soft texture and is easily digested by your baby.

Baby Food Recipes Butternut Squash

Baby Food Recipes

This baby food recipe consists of 7 ingredients, namely onions, unsalted butter, Rice, water that is heated to a boil, butternut that has been peeled and cleaned, tomatoes that have been cleaned and peeled first, and finally shredded cheddar cheese first.

With a variety of food ingredients, it makes a pleasant taste and texture for mama's baby. So this is one of the baby food recipes that don't make your baby bored.

Baby Food Recipes Carrots

Baby Food Recipes

If you are confused about what was first served on the menu for your baby, carrots are vegetables that have many benefits and are high in nutrients. According to research from the American Academy of Pediatrics, vegetables are the best choice of food ingredients when you start introducing solid foods to your baby.

Vegetables which are rabbit's favorite food contain fiber, vitamin C, calcium, and iron. Carrots also have beta carotene which is an antioxidant and vitamin A which is good for the eyes and skin and supports infection resistance in your baby's tiny body.

Baby Food Recipes Chicken

Can your baby digest food from vegetables and fruit? now is the time for you mom lovers to start providing protein intake to support the development of the child's weight. Chicken is a food that has a variety of nutrients. 

If you want to start the steps to increase the child's weight, Chicken is one of the best complimentary baby food choices that you can easily get.

Baby food recipes from chicken ingredients can be used to make chicken porridge that can be combined with rice and a little spices to produce a delicious and filling taste for the child. But be careful, mom lovers, don't let your chicken meat be hard and feel tough, your baby really needs a soft texture and is easy to swallow. This will make your baby gain weight and look cute.

Baby Food Recipes Avocado

baby food recipes

Many fruits can be used to make delicious and healthy baby food recipes for your baby. Apples, Bananas, Potatoes, to Pears can be a wise choice. However, according to the leading pediatrician, Dr. William Sears said that avocados are at the first of the list of best fruits for baby food because the nutrients in avocados are indeed very suitable for growing babies.

The United States Department of Agriculture states that avocados are rich in fiber which is essential for the baby's digestion, healthy vegetable fats, and also potassium. Avocado fruit is very suitable to be given as a complementary food for breast milk for babies aged 6 months or more.

Baby Food Recipes Apples

Mom lovers, apples can be the next alternative as a complementary food for breastmilk. In addition to their sweet and delicious taste, apples also contain important nutrients and vitamins for your baby. Apples are rich in fiber which helps cleanse the digestive tract and prevents various diseases, namely diverticulosis, colon cancer, constipation, and diarrhea. In addition, apples also contain various vitamins, namely vitamin A, vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium, and several other minerals. 

Apples are also easily processed into homemade baby food recipes for your little one. Good luck with you, mom lovers.

Baby Food Recipes Banana

homemade baby food recipes

Since time immemorial, many parents have given babies food made from bananas, the texture of this banana-based food is indeed very soft. All it takes is a ripe banana.

Bananas which also have a lot of nutrients needed by the child will help the development of your baby. Its sweet and delicious taste makes your baby love it and helps you fulfill your baby's daily nutrition.

Baby food recipes Pears

homemade baby food recipes

Pears, including fruits that have high vitamin C, are perfect for making your little baby's immune system fight various diseases. Vitamin C helps increase immunity in the baby's body.

This sweet and fresh fruit can be an option for mom lovers to make baby food. Start to make the pear doughy and soft. So that your baby is easy to swallow.

Baby Food Recipes With Spinach

Baby food recipes

Spinach is food or vegetable that is very easy to find in markets where mom lovers shop. This vegetable can also be used to make baby food recipes because spinach is relatively easy to process. Besides that, spinach has a delicious taste to eat that will definitely make your baby really like this plant that has the scientific name Amaranthus.

Various nutrients contained in it are needed to meet the daily development needs of your baby. Vitamin A, magnesium, folic acid, calcium, potassium, and sodium make this favorite food by the cartoon popeye character become one of the mainstays of food for complementary foods for you and your baby's daily life.

Baby food recipes with peas

baby food recipes

Nuts are the right source of protein to be used and processed into baby food. One type of bean that has nutritional content is peas. These green beans have various and complete nutrients for your baby's growing needs.

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, and folate. And the minerals contained in it are, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, selenium, iron, zinc, and manganese which are very useful to meet the needs of your little baby. 

At 6 months, it is ideal to start giving complementary foods made from peas, before that you have to be careful and see if your child is allergic to peanuts? If not, that means it is lucky for you to use plants that have various vitamins for your beloved baby.

Broccoli Baby Food Recipes

homemade baby food recipes

Like spinach, broccoli is also a vegetable that has high levels of various nutrients. However, this baby food recipe should be started when your baby is over 6 months old. Because if not these vegetables have a hard texture and fear that these vegetables will not be digested properly by your beloved baby.

Therefore, mom lovers must be careful in providing complementary foods made from broccoli, pay attention wisely, broccoli that is served should be soft and easy for your baby to swallow so as not to cause dangerous things such as choking and others.

Baby food Recipes Peaches

homemade baby food recipes

For this peach-based food, mom lovers should start giving it when your baby is 7 months old and over. This baby food recipe should be served in the form of juice as a drink and in the form of porridge as a side dish for breast milk. Peaches have vitamins and nutrients that are great for the development of your baby.

Baby Food Recipes Zucchini 

Have Mom Lovers tried to start serving zucchini recipes as a side dish for breast milk? If you haven't started trying to serve zucchini if ​​your baby is 7 months and over.

Zucchini contains a lot of nutrients, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals that are needed for the development of babies. Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B, Potassium, and manganese. One medium-sized zucchini fruit has more than half the daily requirement of vitamin C for the body, said Dr. Sonali Ruder DO who once wrote the book "Natural Baby Food"

With great nutrition, it wouldn't hurt if Mom Lovers served zucchini as an alternative to baby food.

Baby Food Recipes Beets

baby food recipes

Variation in providing complementary foods is very important for you, the mother so that your baby doesn't get bored in eating the food that you give to the child too often.

Your baby craves a variety of different nutrients and textures and a variety. Try to serve beets as a baby food menu. This tuber comes from North America and is known for its health properties for babies.

Beets can prevent diseases such as anemia, boost immunity, detox, and improve digestion for babies.

Baby Food Recipes Blueberries

homemade baby food recipes

Blueberry is a plant that has the Latin name Vaccinium Corymbosum which grows to sizes ranging from 10 cm to 4 m. Blueberries are rich in benefits and nutrients, one of which improves memory and is very suitable for the development of your singing brain.

Blueberries are perfect for you, Mom Lovers, to make homemade baby food recipes because of the nutrients in them to complement the nutrients your beloved baby needs. Blueberries are low in calories and contain 10.8 mg of vitamin C per cup of whole blueberries. 

Vitamin C found in blueberries fulfills the baby's daily vitamin C needs which are useful for antioxidants and increase collagen and help gum health. The fiber in blueberries can control sugar levels in the baby's body and prevent digestive disorders such as constipation. 

Therefore, give blueberries in the form of complementary foods for your baby to protect them from brittle bones and break easily.

Baby Food Recipes Manggo

homemade baby food recipes

Mango is a fruit that tastes sweet and is very easy to find when shopping at the nearest market. The taste is delicious and nutritious, of course, if you want to make homemade baby food recipes for babies over 6 months.

Mango contains vitamin B6 which functions to maintain the health and growth of the baby's brain. In addition, mangoes have glutamine acid which can make a baby's memory stronger. The ideal age for babies to be given mangoes is 8-10 months.

Baby Food Recipes Meat

homemade baby food recipe

Meat is a very good source of animal protein and iron nutrients to serve it in the form of complementary foods for babies. Infants who are deficient in iron will be weak in various ways, weak immune, inhibited brain development because the brain needs hemoglobin to launch blood cells that carry oxygen to the brain.

In addition, if the baby is deficient in animal protein or vegetable protein, it will make the baby's body thin and weak. Mom lovers should serve meat as a food ingredient for babies because the meat is a food ingredient that is easy to process into soft and can be digested by your child.

Baby Food Recipes Squash (Pumpkin)

homemade baby food recipe

Pumpkin is very easy to digest and is perfect for making baby food. Pumpkin has beta carotene and vitamin C and vitamin E which are good for the development of your baby. Most of the mothers in the world use pumpkin as an ingredient for baby food because of its soft texture and savory taste. 

Pumpkin is usually pureed with the addition of vegetables like carrots which will make the dish a nutritionally complete meal. If you love your baby, don't forget to try to make it.

Baby Food Recipes Kale

homemade baby food recipes

When your baby can get to know foods that are solid textured, that's when a mama can exploit the types of food that babies can accept and are useful for nutrition. 

Cabbage is one of the vegetables that resemble broccoli with a greenish-white color, between the two cabbage may be a bit unknown among vegetables that can be used as baby food for mama's baby, even though cabbage contains high nutritional tilapia and minimal allergic reactions in babies. The price is cheaper and is very easy to find at the nearest market and supermarket.

This is the specialty of cabbage as a healthy food for babies. Cabbage or cabbage is one of the vegetables that can prevent dangerous diseases such as cancer and also kill harmful disease cells in the body of your baby. Cabbage contains vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Folate, Niacin, Thiamine, Lutein, and pantothenic acids.

Baby Food Recipes Lentils

homemade baby food recipes

As a mother who has a tiny baby, of course, the mother really wants her baby to get high nutritional food. Nuts are one of the complementary ingredients for breastfeeding that have the best nutritional content for babies. Mothers can try red beans, green beans, peanuts which have good fats for children.

You can try to make baby food from nuts with the best nutritional value in the world, namely almonds. Almonds provide various nutritional values ​​such as the highest protein of all types of nuts, vitamin E, riboflavin, niacin, calcium. Almonds can boost a baby's immunity, from many studies it is said that almonds are also a prebiotic food that helps make your baby's digestive system smile.

With riboflavin, almonds can help increase the baby's brain activity so that it can prevent Alzheimer's disease or memory loss in adulthood.

Baby Food Recipes Plum

homemade baby food recipes

Plums are a great choice for mothers who want to provide a variety of complementary foods for their babies. High in fiber, low in cholesterol, free of sodium, and rich in vitamin A which is good for children's eyes as well as Beta carotene and Vitamin C which keeps the child's immune system in check.

Doctors also say that plums are a safe choice for baby food. We recommend that you give plums when your baby is 6 months old. Because before 6 months, only breast milk is needed by your little baby.

Baby Food Recipes Vegetables

homemade baby food recipes

Vegetables are complementary foods for breastmilk for babies. But mom, don't just give certain vegetables, it's better to vary all types of vegetables because the value contained in each vegetable is different. Vegetables are very easy to find in supermarkets.

Baby Food Recipes Beef

homemade aby food recipes

Hi mama, beef is a food that contains high protein, iron, and vitamin B12 which is good for the health of the baby. Don't forget to start introducing baby food made from beef when your child is more than 6 months old.

Beef can meet the macronutrient and micronutrient needs of children according to their age development. You should never forget red meat in providing variations in baby food recipes for mama's babies.

Baby Food Recipes For 5 Months

Complementary foods are given to babies to support their growth and development. Therefore, in time breastfeeding can no longer meet the needs of the baby.

One of the nutrients needed is iron because breast milk can no longer meet the iron needs of children who are aged 5 months and over. For a 5-month baby food menu that is safe to give and also recommended by the doctor, namely fruit puree (banana or apple), vegetable puree (sweet potato or squash), meat puree (chicken or beef), the cereal that is protected with iron or mixed with water.

Baby Food Recipe 6 Mouth Old

Hi mom, if your child is 6 months old, it means that they are considered capable of consuming complementary foods because some of the reflexes of babies are more structured than at the time of their early birth. At this age, the baby can support his head well, sit upright and reflex his tongue to prevent things from entering his mouth is gone.

Digestion is progressing, the baby has also been able to close his mouth when food enters the inner mouth with his tongue. Therefore, you have to start setting a schedule so that your baby can consume nutrition properly.

Baby Food Recipes 8 Months

When a baby is 8 months old, he has entered a new milestone, including his diet. Therefore, 8 months of baby food needs to be differentiated from complementary foods at the age of 5 or 6 months.

If at the age of 6 months the baby may often be served food with a soft texture, then at 8 months it is time for Mom to provide solid textured food ingredients. 

Because at 8 months the baby can sit with his head upright and lifted, can close his mouth when there is a spoon in his mouth, his weight is getting better than before, can already grasp objects with his thumb and other fingers can move items from one hand to the other hand, and can also move the jaw mouth to chew food. 

These are the signs that you should pay attention to when your baby is ready to be given solid textured foods at the age of 8 months.

Baby Food Recipes 1 Year Old

Mama's baby has gone through a lot of development in terms of food because before the baby has passed through eating puree, the texture is added when the age of 1 year the baby's food has changed drastically. Your child will be able to eat whatever adult food is available at the dining table.

In terms of texture and size, your child can eat a larger variety of foods. Mama's job is to monitor what she eats, make sure it is nutritionally dense and healthy food.

Your child begins to find her favorite food, she begins to know the basic nutrition groups that you eat, namely vegetables, fruit, meat, seeds, and so on. An easy way for mom to make sure that her child gets good nutrition is using food with a variety of colors and textures and colors, the more varied the colors the more varied the nutrition.

What baby food can I make at home?

Baby food can be made at home from ingredients that are easily found in the market at low prices and are certainly healthy. Such as vegetables such as spinach, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, or from fruit such as bananas, apples, potatoes, and avocados.

Is Homemade baby food healthier?

Of course mom, by making your own baby food at home you will save large amounts of money and increase portions. You can also choose fresh and healthy ingredients. Good luck mom!

What homemade food can I feed my 6-month baby?

For babies aged 6 months usually tend not to have good reflexes. Mothers should start giving food ingredients with a soft texture, mixed vegetable puree, fruit puree, and also meat puree.

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