Butternut Squash Baby Food Recipes Combinations

Butternut Squash baby food recipes may be one that is not popular among many mothers, but the fruit is known as the honey gourd is still included in the cucumber, pumpkin, and melon group. Butternut squash is a safe complementary food ingredient and rarely causes allergies in children. 

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Cook butternut squash for babies is a fun variation for mama's baby because it has a soft texture and a savory taste. Butternut squash is homemade baby food usually pureed with the addition of other food ingredients such as vegetables such as carrots for added nutrition. But you don't have to be carrots combines with broccoli, cucumber, and others according to the child's daily nutritional needs.

butternut squash baby puree combinations

butternut squash baby food recipes

Making baby squash puree in an easy way and doesn't have a variety of flavors so that children can easily digest and are not surprised by the addition of other flavorings

Butternut squash puree baby ingredients

  • 30 grams of Butternut squash
  • 2 or 3 teaspoons of formula milk

how to cook butternut puree baby

  • peel the skin and wash with butternut squash, then cut into cubes
  • steam with 250 ml water volume for 15 minutes until the texture becomes soft.
  • Crush and sieve the steamed honey pumpkin until it produces the desired texture.
  • Add formula milk, stir until well blended.
  • serve it to mama's favorite baby.

Roasted butternut squash baby food

baby food recipes butternut squash

So that the baby does not get bored with the taste of butternut squash puree, mothers can try to provide various flavors for the baby. Roasted butternut squash, one of the warm flavors of roasted squash, will give a warm feeling for the baby to be a snack when the weather is winter.

Roasted Butternut Squash cheese baby food recipe


12 tablespoons Olive Oil
3 or 4 tablespoons of salt (as needed)
1 or 2 tablespoons ground pepper
1 teaspoon Oregano
1 Fresh Butternut Squash

How to Cooking Butternut Squash roasted

  • Peel the butternut squash skin, split it into 2 parts, separate the seeds remember not to remove the seeds, because they are used to make squash roasted butternut squash, cut into squash, coat with olive oil and all the spices, put in a pan, sprinkle with grated cheddar cheese.
  • roast in the oven with 200 degrees centigrade milk for 40 minutes.
  • Open the oven, pierce with a fork, if the texture is soft, the sign is cooked, remove it and then serve.

The nutritional benefits of butternut squash for babies.

Butternut squash is a fruit that contains a variety of nutrients, protein, phosphorus, calcium, and carbohydrates and vitamins that are needed for infant development. food ingredients for babies 6 months and over are classified as superfoods, highly recommended by nutrition experts to be used as a complementary food for breastfeeding.

Increase body immunity

The content of vitamin C and beta carotene contained in butternut squash is high and capable reduce levels of free radicals before damaging cells in the baby's body as well as being a booster for immunity.

Improve children's vision development

Vitamin A contained in butternut squash is also very suitable for protecting babies' eyes from
exposure to ultraviolet light.

Helps reduce inflammation

The content of good omega 3 fats in the form of alpha-linolenic acid can help reduce inflammation
in the body, if consumed regularly.

Natural remedy for worm disease

Your baby who is in a period of growth and development is getting to know many things and play. Many of the objects he touches may be of them is germs and worm larvae, forming a cycle worm are harmful to your child's body because worms steal important nutrients in the baby's body and eventually degrade them your baby's weight.

To prevent this, often give butternut squash to avoid the disease. However, be careful to choose a butternut squash that is fresh, firm, and not wilted.