Pear Puree For Baby Constipation

Pear Puree For baby Constipation is a recommendation for treating babies with constipation. Constipation can be said where the condition of the child when defecating only comes out a little or not at all, because the texture of the stool in the baby becomes harder, making it difficult for the baby to push constipation. 

Although in some cases it can say fair, the mother can become restless when she sees a baby who defecates very rarely (3-5 days without defecating). Babies will often push but the dirt that comes out is very little.

Baby Food Recipes

Which mother is not sad and restless when she sees her baby, who usually routinely defecates every day, now has to struggle to get rid of the dirt from her stomach and make it uncomfortable. Even though this situation does not make your child fussy, the amount of food that comes in when you consume complementary foods while no feces comes out, maybe which mother doesn't panic when in that state.

Pediatricians state this condition as a form of adjustment of the baby's body and digestive organs to the new food texture. Doctors also recommend giving several types of fruit that contain lots of water and fiber.

The amount of consuming water when eating and reducing some types of food that might make a child's constipation worse. Papaya is a waste that has the highest fiber and water of any other fruit the best medicine to treat digestive problems in your baby. Indeed, some children may not like papaya, because this fruit tends to smell, mothers can replace it with apple puree and pear puree.

Giving pears to children who are experiencing constipation is a wise choice because pears are a fruit that has vitamin fiber and also water which helps support intestinal performance and helps soften the stool in the baby's digestion so that when the baby is about to defecate, the stool can come out smoothly. For how to process pear fruit into a puree and can be used as a snack, the following recipe for pear puree for your beloved moms.

Pear Puree recipe for baby constipation

Baby Food Recipes
 Pear Puree For Baby Constipation

Materials and tools used

  • Steam
  • 1 Pear
  • Wire strainer

How to make Pear Puree For Baby Constipation

  1. Peel and cut small pears
  2. Steam until soft, about 15 - 20 minutes
  3. Mash the pears, and sieve them for a smoother texture
  4. Serve and feed your little baby when it's time to eat a snack.
A mother has instincts and knows that her baby is not doing well. It is important for you to pay attention to your child all the time and every time. Do not let go of attention and affection for him.

Always check if anything unusual happens to him. Constipation in children is indeed troublesome for us as parents, attention to the texture of feces in babies, maybe many parents realize late that their child is experiencing constipation, if usually, the baby is healthy will defecate every day, it is different when a child is constipated. 

The stool of a child suffering from constipation will have a hard texture and is shaped like a small ball, and also less of stool when he is healthy.

Do not let constipation in children continue to drag on, because it will be very painful when pushing because the dirt on the digestive system is hard and cannot be removed, consult a doctor and give fruit with high fiber and water content Often moms give him water, eating constipation in children will heal by itself. If it is getting out of control, ask the doctor to give medicine in the form of a liquid that destroys feces in the baby's digestive system. When you defecate, the stool will spill immediately because the texture will be softer.

Do not be afraid that constipation is common when the baby starts to adapt from before only consuming breast milk from you, and now has eaten a variety of complementary foods with a slightly harder texture. 

Thanks to your love he will grow up and all the hard things he can pass by caressing your affection beside him. if this article is useful share and tells friends and discuss this topic on social media. thank you!