10 Best All Natural Baby Food Easy to Make it

Best All Natural Baby Food is a collection of organic foods that are processed using materials from nature starting from the planting stage, using fertilizer from natural products, to harvest not as simple as using hazardous chemicals such as dangerous insecticides when it comes.

Baby Food Recipes
healthiest organic baby food

Therefore Moms must be good at choosing healthy food and avoiding the use of chemicals on plants whose results become fruits and vegetables that are then sold on the market. 

But when the mother has continued to buy food ingredients in the supermarket it is good before using cleaning the food using water or cleaning material that can remove chemicals and dirt.

If the mother can understand and do the suggestion above, what you have to do next is to choose food ingredients based on the nutrients needed. 

We all know that nutrition contained in food is very much, but all are classified into 5 parts, namely fat, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals. All of these elements are very decisive for your baby's development and growth.

The next stage is to make a list for a daily food menu based on varied food ingredients, it will help you meet all the nutrients that your baby needs.

In each food menu that the mother serves it is good to contain the five ingredients. Example When the mother uses nuts as a menu, beans have fat, protein, and vitamins. I

f the mother still lacks 2 other elements such as carbohydrates and minerals, combined with other foods that contain nationalism such as bananas. Continue with the following methods using different food ingredients so that babies don't get bored.

Breastmilk companion food can be given when a baby is 6 months old, baby aged 6 months must begin with fine-textured food so that it is easily digested by your baby's stomach. Recommend the menu of home food or homemade food to maintain cleanliness and nutrition to improve the quality of these foods.

The following baby food recipes serve a variety of Healthiest Organic Baby Food that can Moms become a reference to make a list of healthy menus for babies

Best Organic All Natural Baby Food


baby food recipes

Babies need carbohydrates as a source of energy to support the learning and maturities of the flowers. Moms can meet the small carbohydrate needs of various cereals such as white rice, black rice, brown rice, and wheat. 

For babies under 8 months old, serve in the form of filter or porridge combined with breast milk or formula milk to be easily digested. 

If you want to choose wheat as a material to make cereal, choose the whole wheat Rolled or Steel Cut Oats type.

Never choose instant wheat because nutrients inside are no longer good because they are too much. Serve in the form of porridge filtered or combined with milk so that it is easily digested by the baby.


baby food recipes

Bananas are the ingredients that are most often used by mothers in various countries to be used as companion food ingredients for being easily found and also liked by babies. 

The nutrients conceived by bananas are vitamin A, phosphorus, folic acid, potassium, carbohydrates, and potassium which are useful for launching a baby domestically. Choose a perfectly ripe banana, perfectly cooked bananas can be marked by black spots on the skin.

Bananas that have black dots on the skin indicate that the nutrients contained in them have reached the best condition. For how to process bananas for babies can crush until smooth using a fork.


baby food recipes

Fruits that thrive in these tropics have a papain enzyme content to help launch and cleanse the troubleshoot of bacteria and other diseases. 

In addition, papaya also contains iron and folic acid that help improve the development of the brain and zinc and calcium to treat the health of your baby's bones. For how to present it, it can be molded like a banana until it is soft textured.


baby food recipes

Avocados have vitamin A and vitamin C, magnesium, and good fat that help increase the immune system to avoid various diseases, also increase motor skills in the baby's body.

To process, this Best Organic Non-GMO Baby Food can be started by dividing the avocado into 2 parts, then take the avocado to use a spoon and pour it into a bowl and puree until it can be in accordance with your baby's abilities.


Baby Food Recipes

Babies also desperately need vegetables as a source of fiber and also vitamins and minerals. Carrot is one of the recommended Best Rated Organic Baby Food for the process of food recognition in infants.

Vitamin A in carrots is useful for increasing the ability of the eye and caring for it to stay healthy, in addition to the mineral content that launches the system on the baby's body. To present mothers can first boil carrots, then make them in the form of puree.

Sweet Potato

Baby food recipes

Food ingredients that grow in this land tend to be liked by babies because they have a sweet taste, sweet potato also belongs to the All Natural Baby Food because it has a high carotene beta that can help the body produce the body of vitamins from within. 

In addition, sweet potatoes also have vitamin C which is good for maintaining immunity and also nourish the skin. Anti-oxidant on sweet potatoes will be a fortress to fight the leaning of bacteria and viruses that are the source of various diseases.

Moms can process these foods into porridge or puree then combine them with breast milk or formula milk.

Kabocha (pumpkin)

baby food recipes

High vegetables This fiber has many important nutritional contents, including beta carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and niacin or vitamin B3. In addition, Kabocha is also rich in minerals such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. 

It feels sweet and the texture that is easily softened is suitable for new babies starting the stages of eating.


Baby Food Recipes

When a baby is 1 year old mother starts to be able to give eggs as a companion food for breast milk, the white content of eggs has a high protein that helps muscle growth and bones, while egg yolks have various nutrients ranging from vitamins A, C, and E. 

for their presentation can be boiling first until cooked then crush until smooth. Moms need to be considered, never give a half-cooked egg to the baby because it has the potential to contain salmonella bacteria. Boil the egg until cooked because the bacteria will die at a certain temperature.

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Unsalted Butter

10 Best All Natural Baby Food

Oil has fat that is useful as a material in the formation of many hormones, one of which is growth hormone. With a dose of no more than half a teaspoon every day. The way of presenting it can be by mixing oil into other ASI companion foods. Avoid using unsaturated oils such as sunflower oil or corn oil.


baby food recipes

Yogurt contains vitamin D which helps strengthen bones and also teeth, do not choose yogurt containing sugar because it is not good for the body. Choose bargaining yogurt because it has high nutritional quality. For presentation, it can be combined with fruit so that the sweetness is liked by the baby and certainly healthy.

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