Baby Food Recipes With Protein Good for Growth

Baby Food Recipes with Protein is a choice that must be prioritized for nutritional intake for baby's development. Protein plays a role as the main constituent of amino acids needed for hair growth, maintaining healthy skin, forming muscle tissue, and also strengthening bones. 

Baby Food Recipes

In addition, protein also plays an important role as a producer of hemoglobin which carries oxygen in the blood throughout the body. Based on research conducted by experts and scientists in the field of nutrition, it is revealed that babies need 10 grams of protein intake for their daily nutritional intake. 

Did you know that if the baby does not meet the protein needs for their daily needs, the growth and development system in the body will be hampered, even worse is the risk of disorders of the heart and lungs. 

The immune system in infants becomes weak so they are vulnerable to attacks by diseases such as bacteria and viruses.

Here is a list of high protein baby food that can be a reference for those of you who want to prepare food ingredients as daily protein intake and can make variations for serving from various basic baby food ingredients, of course with healthy nutritional content such as the protein that is good for baby growth.

Baby Food Recipes With Protein Best Nutrition

Baby Food Recipes With Protein Nuts

Baby food recipes with protein

High Protein food for infants is divided into 2 groups, namely Vegetable Protein and Animal Protein. Vegetable protein is a protein produced by plants, one of which is beans. 

While Animal Protein is a protein produced from animals, namely meat, eggs, and milk. Nuts are a food ingredient that is easy to get in the market and the presentation is also very easy.

Moms can boil it then mash it until smooth and fork then mix it with breast milk and formula. Nuts can also be combined with other food ingredients in the form of puree from fruit or vegetables. For babies over 1-year-old. Moms can give nuts as finger food. Boil or steam until slightly soft so that the baby can easily eat it.

Baby Food Recipes With Protein Beef

Baby Food Recipes

Beef is one of the highest animal protein content. In addition, beef also contains other beneficial nutrients such as iron and zinc. As a first try as an introduction to baby food, start with ground beef or mince until smooth and then cook until cooked through and browned. 

Puree the meat and serve without a mixture of spices. as a variation moms can also mix it with vegetable purees such as cabbage, broccoli, or sweet potatoes, to add flavor. To make complementary foods, choose meat that is clean from pieces of fat so that it is easily digested by your baby.

Baby Food Recipes With Protein Chicken

Baby food recipes with protein

Chicken meat is a protein food for babies which is needed for the growth of red blood cells. It is also a source of the same protein as beef. Babies usually like chicken because of its soft and savory texture.

To make a delicious dish, chicken meat can be used as meatballs and also served in small pieces so that it can be used as a baby's favorite finger food menu choice. For other ways, chicken meat can be
served in a smooth texture combined with apple puree for a better taste.

Baby Food Recipes With Protein Tofu

baby food recipes with protein

Don't forget tofu moms, tofu is a food ingredient from processed fermented beans so it has good bacteria that are good for baby's digestion. 

Protein in tofu is one of the best because apart from the basic ingredients, namely beans which contain protein, then fermented will be super healthy, fermented foodstuffs have double the nutrition. No wonder fermented foodstuffs are claimed by WHO as the healthiest foods in the world. 

But you need to remember that tofu is a food that is a little difficult to digest, you should wait for the baby to be 8 months and over first.

Baby Food Recipes With Protein Fish

baby food recipes with protein

Animals that live in this water contain omega 3 which accelerates the development of brain function, but you need to know, choose fresh fish and avoid harmful preservatives such as mercury, you can have salmon, tuna, as a protein dish. 

The nutritional content of fish can make children think smart and help increase the cells that bind memory in children. Of course, this can improve the quality of remembering and learning for your baby. Eating fish also makes children's sleep quality more optimal.

Baby Food Recipes With Protein Yogurt

baby food recipes with protein

As we discussed earlier Yoghurt is also a fermented food ingredient such as tofu which is beneficial for health because it contains good fats and protein needed by babies. 

Yogurt can be the first complementary food for breast milk for babies because yogurt is the most easily digested food ingredient by the baby's intestines. For babies aged 6 months, yogurt can be eaten for babies. 

Many foodstuffs can be consumed as protein intake, if you don't have meat, you can replace it with other ingredients. making it easy for the mother and not spending a lot of money on healthy food for the baby. So which protein food is your mother's favorite?

Baby Food Recipes With Protein Eggs

baby food recipes with protein

Eggs also contain protein which is the white part. While the yellow part has good fat as a complement to all the nutrients in the baby. Serve the boiled eggs first then crush and puree using a fork.

As a bonus, we present one of the high protein food recipes from fish, namely dory fish porridge which is delicious and healthy for babies.

Baby food recipes with protein (dory fish porridge).

baby food recipes with protein

This complementary breast milk menu recipe can be given to babies aged 6.7 to 8 months and above. Usually, when the baby is at that age the smooth texture is very suitable for babies, one of which is porridge.

Here are the ingredients needed to make a dory fish porridge recipe that is suitable for mothers to try:


  • 1 segment of dory fish
  • 3 tablespoons of rice
  • 3 small pieces of onion
  • 5 pieces of carrots
  • ginger to taste
  • celery
  • 200 ml water

How to make Baby food recipes with dory fish porridge

  1. Boil rice with 250 ml of water.
  2. Stir until the texture of the rice is slightly soft.
  3. Add carrots, dory fish, and coarsely chopped onions.
  4. Add ginger to get rid of the fishy smell on the fish
  5. stir until all ingredients are evenly mixed.
  6. add celery.
  7. Stir until you get a consistency that suits your baby's tongue.
  8. the next step let stand until slightly warm, then strain.
  9. serve until warm.

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