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The green bean baby food recipe is the best choice for moms who are looking for complementary foods that are rich in energy and vitamins. Green beans have a high protein content that helps build muscle, bone, and brain development.

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Green bean for baby meal

Complex carbohydrates found in green beans are also useful for producing energy that supports your child's activities, and of course, your baby will feel full longer.

Green beans have the scientific name Vigna radiata which has complete nutrition in the form of vitamin C, iron, folic acid, zinc, potassium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, manganese, and thiamin which complement the growth and development needs of your baby.

It's no wonder that many mothers choose green beans as one of the mainstay menus for complementary foods because besides these ingredients, they are easy to find, besides that, the taste and texture are also liked by babies. Based on a survey besides bananas, babies too often choose green beans as one of mom's favorite complementary feeding.

How to Make Green Bean Baby Food

Before starting with the steps on how to make green bean baby food, it's a good idea for some moms to know in advance about the facts about the benefits of green beans as the best complimentary food for breast milk. Here we explain the important things in full
below this.

Benefits of bean baby food

Smooth digestion

Did you know that your baby's health depends on how good the digestive system is, the digestive system is like a machine on a vehicle that processes and breaks down any food that enters your child's mouth, then is transferred throughout the body.

The disease often comes due to an unhealthy digestive system, Consuming foods that are not healthy and do not have fiber will pollute the digestive system such as the intestines.

Dirty intestines that have a lot of bad fat piles will be a source of bacteria that will harm the body's condition, complaints that are felt such as abdominal pain, constipation, are some of the consequences of a digestive system that is not smooth.

By consuming green beans which have a lot of fiber, it is guaranteed that your baby's digestive system will smile everyday moms :)

Healthy Heart

By consuming green beans regularly will make blood vessels become flexible, blood pressure becomes stable, thus making your heart work more calm and relaxed. It can reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart attacks for children.

Boost Immunity in Babies

Often children are exposed to diseases caused by viruses or bacteria due to an unhealthy environment, in the human body there is an immune system in the form of good bacteria which tries to suppress the attack of bad bacteria and viruses but, if it is not supported by healthy food, the immune system will weaken, and ultimately susceptible to various diseases.
By consuming green beans, your baby's immune system will automatically increase, so that it is immune to harmful bacteria and viruses.

Improve memory

Folic acid contained in green beans can optimize memory, brain intelligence will develop. This is useful for your child who every day begins to learn many things such as recognizing colors, smells, sounds, making it easy for your baby to remind him.

Helps the formation of muscles and organs in babies.

Remember mom's babies also need protein levels in sufficient quantities, green beans contain protein that can increase muscle mass, help your baby's height and weight growth. By regularly consuming green beans, your child will not only have increased intelligence but also be physically and mentally strong.

How to make green beans soft for baby

baby food recipe

Green bean puree baby with a banana

green bean baby food combinations are one of the most preferred choices by babies, the combination of delicious green beans and bananas that have a sweet taste will make babies
will not be bored to open his mouth. This combination of 2 vegetables and fruits has very high fiber so it is very healthy for your baby's digestion.


  • 100 grams of green beans
  • 1 perfectly ripe fresh banana
  • breast milk or formula to taste.

How to make green bean puree recipe

  1. Boil green beans until cooked and tender
  2. puree green beans along with ripe bananas.
  3. add breast milk or formula
  4. adjust the texture to the baby's eating ability
  5. Green bean puree is ready to serve

Green bean Corn puree baby food

The second green bean baby food recipe that you can try is green bean porridge. This porridge is very practical to make and is suitable for little ones who like sweet tastes. Although made without sugar, the sweet taste comes from sweet corn.


  • 50 grams of peeled green beans
  • 50 grams of shaved sweet corn
  • enough breast milk

How to make Green bean Corn puree baby food

  1. Cook until the green beans are cooked eat with sweet corn
  2. Puree using a blender
  3. Add breast milk or formula to get the right texture
  4. Serve for the little one

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